Monetize your
computing power

Ganpart is a technology that unites devices around the world in a supercomputer. He possesses computing power, capable of solving any super missions.

Scheme of work

Invest in the development
of cloud computing technology

The investment environment contributes to the development of cloud computing technology. All funds go to the creation of software, support services and new products, which expand the scope of Ganpart. The profit from their use is distributed between the company and its investors.


For 30 days

27.5% every 5 days

165% total profit

From $10 to $50

Choose plan


$ 50

Invest sum $50

Every 5 days for $13.75

Total profit $82.50

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For 60 days

40.8% every 10 days

245% total profit

From $50 to $250



For 90 days

60.8% every 15 days

365% total profit

From $250 to $1000


30, 60, 90 - calendar days; Unavailable investment packages will be available soon.

like lightning

A reliable, fast and adaptive personal account enables you to manage investments and connected devices at any convenient time and from any device.

Our task is to create the most convenient service. Keep track of all updates and improvements to your personal cabinet.


Earn money on your device

Buying of any tariff plan, gives start to the beginning of the operation of your device in the Ganpart network. The package price includes insurance guarantees and is returned in full at the end of the tariff.


$ 12 95

For 30 days

$0.25 daily

Total profit $20.45

Choose plan


$ 23 95

For 60 days

$0.51 daily

Total profit $54.55

Choose plan


$ 32 95

For 90 days

$0.81 daily

Total profit $105.85

Choose plan

30, 60, 90 - calendar days; Accruals are daily; The cost of the tariff plan is returned on the last day of its work; To operate the tariff plan, you need to download the Ganpart App to your device and connect it to your personal account.

Ganpart app
smart application

The developed application Ganpart App connects your device to the Ganpart network, where its capacity is leased for computing operations.



The basic program gives a 5% bonus from the partners of the first level. The program is available to users with an active tariff.

If there is an active investment plan, a three-level partner bonus will be available with an interest rate of 5% - 3% - 1%.

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